Financial Information

Student and Family Responsibility

The student and/or his/her – or family is ultimately responsible for paying the student’s educational costs.  There are, however various financial aid programs available to assist students in paying their educational costs.

Payment Methods/Arrangements

Students should visit the financial aid office to see if they qualify for financial assistance.  Students are also encouraged to visit other agencies as listed below that also provide assistance to help pay tuition.  If they do not qualify for assistance or do not qualify for sufficient funds to pay full costs, they may ask to be placed on a payment arrangement so that reasonable monthly payments can be made.  Failure to meet the requirements of the payment agreement may result in termination of student’s enrollment. In addition, student diplomas, certificates, transcripts, and other records may be withheld pending payment to meet the financial obligation of the student.  Students may also be referred to collections if it is evident that the student does not intend to pay their school costs.  Should other aid become available, students are expected to apply in order to reduce their balance due to the school.  Unwillingness to obtain other aid when available may make that portion of the student’s contract due and payable up to the amount of aid that was available.  Ask a school representative for further details concerning payment arrangements.

Student Financial Assistance Programs

Title IV Financial Aid (i.e., Pell grant or subsidized/unsubsidized student loans etc.) is not currently available at Cameron County Education Initiative Inc.

Financial assistance for students is available if they qualify via the following agencies:

  • WIOA- Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act
  • MET- Motivational Education and Training (for migrant students)
  • DARS- Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
  • VA- Veterans Affairs (veterans and their families)* not currently available
  • VIDA -Valley Initiative for Development and Advancement
  • Private/Personal Loans
  • In-house payment plan (requires a down payment and balance paid prior to graduation of program)

These programs may supplement the student’s own contribution toward completing their educational program. A list of the financial assistance programs is available at the Financial Aid Office.

CCEI-Brownsville Scholar Program Requirements:

Please attach the following:

  • Two letters of recommendation from any of the following: teachers, counselors, principal, community leaders, employers, or professionals in related field of study.
  • Essay (150 word minimum) “Why do you want to attend CCEI?”
  • Official Copy of High School Diploma, GED or ATB scores.
  • Supporting Documentation (Optional) i.e.: awards, certificates, accomplishments, letters, etc.